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Spun Steel Wok 38cm round bottom

Spun Steel Wok 38cm round bottom

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Spun steel woks have been used in China for generations.

The wok can be used in a large number of cooking methods. Before the introduction of western cookware it was often used for all cooking techniques including:

Boiling: For boiling water, soups, or rice. In the latter case, guoba often forms

Braising: Braised dishes are commonly made using woks and is useful when one is reducing sauces.

Deep frying: Usually accomplished with larger woks to reduce splashing, but for deep frying less or small food smaller items small woks are also used.

Smoking: Food can be hot smoked by putting the smoking material in the bottom of the wok while food is place on a rack above.

Steaming: Done using a dedicated wok for boiling water in combination with steaming baskets

Stewing: Woks are sometimes used for stewing though it is more common in Chinese cuisine either uses stoneware or porcelain for such purposes especially when longer stewing times are required.

The most common use for a wok is stir-frying.

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